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13 Surprisingly Clever Ways To Use Private Label Rights Products [For Your Online Business]

ways to use private label rights products

If you've ever thought about how you could use Private Label Rights (PLR) products, but was never really sure it could work, then you've made it to the right page. 

This post is going to share with you 13 surprisingly clever ways to use Private Label Rights products for your online business. 

These tips/strategies I'm going to share with you can work if you own a blog and are looking for additional content to supplement what you have...or you want to know some ways to use Private Label Rights products for profit.

Whichever the case, be sure to keep on reading to uncover these 13 surprisingly clever strategies...


Learn More About Private Label Rights?

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What Is plr? [Quick Recap]

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. It's a type of "license" that gives you the right to edit and resell "done-for-you" products as your own. 

To find out more, check out the PLR for beginners complete guide here.

Where To Find High-Quality PLR?

Before we delve into the smart ways to use Private Label Rights products, I thought it would be worth sharing some places where you can actually find high-quality PLR products. 

What's the point in knowing what to do with PLR but not knowing where to get it from?! 

So, below is a list of my top recommended PLR sites that I recommend when looking for high-quality PLR products:

Now that you know where to go for PLR, here's how to use them...

1) Rewrite The Information In Your Own Words

The first and easiest way to use Private Label Rights products is to rewrite the content in your own words. 

This is useful if you're using it on your own site because you can easily just take the content and edit the phrasing and wordings to make it unique and fit your writing style.

In my opinion, it can be much quicker than writing it out from scratch. 

2) Bulk It Up By Adding Extra Content

If you're thinking of selling your PLR product, then why not make it even bigger, and potentially charge more, by adding extra content to it.

You could add your own additional content, or more PLR content to make your product extra valuable.

3) Send Snippets Of Content To Your Email List

For those of you who already have an email list, you can easy turn PLR content into a series of messages which you can mail to your blog subscribers. 

It's a great way to stay connect with your audience, and continue to provide them value on a regular basis without having to think too much about what to write or send.

4) Give It Away As An Incentive (aka Lead Magnet)

If you're not already building an email list with your blog/website, then one of the great ways to use Private Label Rights products is to give it away as an incentive for users to subscribe to your email list. 

You can simply give away an eBook, or you can repurpose an eBook into a different format. 

This guide shares some