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PLR For Beginners [The Complete Guide]

plr for beginners the complete guide

Welcome to this complete PLR for beginners guide.

In this guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about PLR and why using PLR in your business is a smart move to make if you want to “fast-track” your success online.

So, be sure to stay tuned through this guide to learn more…


What is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

A PLR product is a product that comes ready-made for you to sell, and in many cases, will even usually include marketing materials, bonus ‘freebies’ and more to help you drive more sales and increase your profits.

“Private Label Rights” (PLR) describes a type of ‘license’ that gives the user the right to not only resell the product for profit but also to edit it however they see fit.

So, in your case, that means that you can buy a PLR ebook, change the title, change the cover and add your own name as the author.

Then, you can go on to sell the product without ever having to mention the original creator, thereby generating more profit, strengthening your business brand and improving engagement with your audience.

Who wouldn’t want that right?!

As you can see, not only is PLR great for personally generating fresh new content ideas for your audience, but it’s the perfect business model in many ways because you don’t need to spend lots of time or money developing your own product.

Plus…you get all of the freedom that would normally come from having something of your own.

Private Label Right (PLR) means that you get the full rights to edit and distribute a product.


Why You Should Be Excited About PLR?

PLR gets me excited, and I think you should be excited too.

Here’s why you should be eager to start getting involved in PLR products:

1) You won’t have to make the products yourself

The first and most obvious advantage of PLR is that you won’t have to make the products yourself.

Imagine, if you wanted to sell a 20,000-word eBook, then all you need to do is to find the book you like and then place a ‘buy now’ button on your website.

This means you don’t need to be a fantastic writer, it means you don’t need to spend days or months writing a book, and it means that you don’t need to handle things like editing the front cover or formatting the layout.

What’s more, is that the end product you’ll get to sell is likely to be more professional than whatever you could create yourself. I’m not saying that to undermine your skills as a creator but simply to state that a PLR product is a product that has been designed and created from the ground up by a team of experts (or an individual expert…); by people who do this for a living and who know the market well.

2) Your sales materials are ready-made for you.

If you go ahead and select PLR products with ready-made sales pages, you’ll get sales page content written by professionals who truly understand the business and know how to write highly effective sales content that will help you to sell your new product quickly and effectively.

3) You can scale more easily and it’ll be less risky

Think about it, if you create a product on your own or even pay someone to create the product for you, then you will need to spend either countless hours of your own time or a lot of money in getting that product created.

Then, if your product then turns out to be a failure and no one buys it, you will have lost all of that time and all of that money.

How long before you try again?!

Even if the product is a success, you’ll then need to go back to the drawing board in order to rebuild your new product and get it to the point where it is ready to sell. This will make it hard for you to really scale on your initial successes, and it will mean you could end up taking a long time to follow up and build on that initial success.

But, compare this with selling PLR products.

Here, you can launch a product and quickly start making big sales and then follow that up almost immediately with a new product, allowing you to quickly and effectively scale up your business for massive profit.

Not just that, but a PLR product won’t set you back by that much in most cases and because you didn’t have to invest huge amounts of time, you can simply pick up the pieces and then try again!


Types Of Rights (PLR vs MRR vs RR)

Before you dive right in, one of the first things you need to consider when getting involved with PLR is the type of rights that you are going to be buying.

This is so important because if you get it wrong it could mean that you can’t actually sell the product, or you can’t edit it. (The latter point may or may not be an issue depending on your intended business strategy).

There are a few different terms you need to familiarise yourself with, which include:


1) Private Label Rights (PLR)

As mentioned above, PLR is where the product becomes truly yours as you are given the rights to edit the content(s).

You have the ability to make edits, you can also put your name on it, your company’s brand on it, and you can even change the very topic of the product or the conclusion.

Edit, Add, & Delete as you please.


2) Master Resell Rights (MRR)

MRR means that you not only have the right to resell the product but you also have the right to resell the rights.

Therefore, you can resell the product to other marketers so that they can resell it as well!

This creates another avenue for you to sell through and this is especially useful if are in the internet marketing niche as most of your potential customers will probably be interested in selling as well.

Once again, however, you may not have the right to edit the original documents/files.

To get more details about the rights you’ll usually find more information on the product itself, for example, within the start of an ebook.


3) Resell Rights (RR)

RR means that you have the right to resell the product.

It’s as simple as that really and does what it says in the box.

However, you may not be able to make edits to the product, so you’ll need to check what is stated.

In most cases, you’ll also gain access to some of the sales materials that the creator has been using to sell their products.

So in this way, you are actually being encouraged to sell!


4) Personal Use (PU)

Personal Use products are just what it says, only for personal use, such as reading, sharing (if stated) and/or teaching. Products with PU rights cannot be sold or redistributed in any way.


5) Giveaway Rights (GAR)

Products with Giveaway Rights basically give you the rights to share, distribute to your subscribers on a mailing list and/or basically anyone who is wanting a free product.


Remember to do your due diligence and note the types of rights you’ll be buying when you purchase a product with any of these types of rights. You can also refer back to this guide to refresh your knowledge.

Best Practice: Read the license and agreement before attempting to make edits or sell the product. If you’re unsure of its usage, contact the vendor directly.


Examples Of PLR Products

You may be glad to know that ebooks are the only form of PLR product available, there are many products available to purchase rights too, including:

  • eBooks
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Reports
  • Audio
  • Software
  • Graphics
  • Templates
  • …to name a few


The Best Tips For Buying PLR Products

First things first, you need to make sure that the products you purchase are well written and of high quality, because you need to make sure you’re providing value to your audience/customers.

You might think you can try to ‘trick’ a buyer into purchasing something that isn’t high quality but if you do that, then you’ll only end up not just upsetting your audience, but also affecting your brand’s reputation.

And you know what else?…

People can tell.

You’re not going to know exactly what the book is like until you’ve bought it yourself, but there are a few good ways to avoid buying a rubbish product.


1) Look at the quality of the website.

  • Is the content on the site well written?
  • Is it smartly designed?

There’s a big chance that the quality of the site is going to be indicative of the quality of the books and/or products.


2) See if you can read a snippet from the book, or a demo of the product.

Some sites, such as Indigital Works, offer a snippet of the product so you have some idea of what you’ll be getting before you purchase/download.

If this isn’t immediately available, then consider contacting the seller/company to ask for a preview.

If that’s still not an option, then look for the book’s blurb or at least a table of contents.

This isn’t just about the writing style either, it’s about how interesting and engaging the content is within.

For example, if you already have your own list or engaged blog audience, then you need to make sure you are looking for content that fits your niche.


3) Ensure that the content is interesting and unique

When purchasing any PLR product, why not ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this content that you would be interested to read?
  • Is it exciting?
  • Does it stand out?
  • Is the title compelling?
  • Does it appear to offer something that other books don’t?

Of course, there will always be the temptation to buy books that cover the same old ground.

How to get fit, how to build muscle, how to make money online etc.

And there’s nothing wrong with that but if you want to sell in bigger numbers, then you need to sell something with a ‘hook’ and ideally a specific target audience.

People can learn to ‘get fit’ by reading countless free articles on the web right?!

But what if your book was providing some kind of new or unique strategy… well then that’s a lot more interesting wouldn’t it?

Couple this with a great cover design, some extra features and generally high production value and you’ll have something that will be much easier to sell/promote.


4) AVOID badly written content

At all costs, you should avoid poorly written content that has clearly been outsourced overseas, or that has been written with the clear intention of making a ‘quick buck’.

In fact, the best thing you can do is to stick predominantly to the established names that sell lots of these products, some of which I’ll be listing below.

Better still, if you do find a product that you really like and that sells well for you, why not consider returning to that seller in the future!


Where To Buy PLR Products


Indigital Worksindigital works plr success lab

Indigital works is the world’s largest PLR membership provider, trusted by over 100,000 internet marketers and bloggers.

The site has been around since 2008 and offers 12,000+ products and 200,000+ articles to choose from. Not only that, but the list of content is updated very regularly.

You can choose from books to graphics, to templates, videos and more, in multiple niches.

In many cases, you can also get a snippet/preview of the product so you know what you’re getting before you download.

Membership: Free and Premium memberships are available

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PLR Database

plr database plr success lab

PLR database is another PLR membership site which a range of 20,000+ PLR and MRR products.

Plus, you’ll find new products are added daily on this site.

Membership: Free + Premium memberships available

Click Here To Join PLR Database plr success lab membership site provides high-quality coaching courses, articles, products, worksheets and content for you to make use of.

The content is designed by experts in the US and Canada

Additionally, you’ll get training on how to use their PLR content, along with automation tools with their paid membership plans.

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Unstoppable PLR

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With Unstoppable PLR you can find a large selection of high-quality PLR products in a variety of d